Talking about tractors

Bridgetown Show

With all the dramas this year, we weren't up to taking the kids to the Royal or Kelmscott Shows, so thought a quiet little country show might be more our style this year 🙂 Kids got to see the baby farm animals (we all think alpacas and baby goats are ...

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Chickens on the farm

New Chickens

The chickens have settled in really well since the move, but haven't started laying again and we are all missing fresh free range eggs.  I really didn't want to go down the baby chicken route again (seeing as our success ratio of pullets to roosters is far less than 50%!) ...

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Visiting Sheep on our farm

Visiting Sheep

One of our neighbours bought over a few of his sheep to help eat our paddocks down to reduce the fire risk over summer. In this case, a "few" sheep is 650 merinos!

Past the front of homestead

We are in... and loving it :)

It has taken a while but we are now living in our new lifestyle home with much joy and happiness by all.  After two truck loads over two days, we are well underway in our unpacking with most rooms in the house nearly unpacked.  The shed on the other hand ...

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Horses on the farm

A walk around the farm

It's so beautiful and peaceful here, virtually no traffic, only 2 or 3 cars go past each day!

Becoming a reality...

It has been a long twelve months on the path of getting our property, but it has all been well worth it.  News over the weekend and late today have confirmed our move to our new home in Boyup Brook over the coming week, which is what our blog here ...

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