Wow it has been a while since we have made any posts, seems it must be time to make a few updates.

So what have we been doing?

  • We have had our Dorper sheep give birth to 7 lambs in April and May, more info and photos soon.
  • We sold our Dorper Sheep ready for a Pure flock
  • We implemented a raised vegetable garden
  • We have added a new water trough to our northern small paddock

  • We have bought a truck to help move things about
  • Finally got a trailer and have had quite a bit of fun trying to get it to stay in one piece
  • Bought some tools, welder and other bits and pieces to help out around the property
  • Bought some trees to add some different species to the property
  • Bought more horses and sold others
  • Added gold fish to our water troughs to keep the algae down
  • Bouhght a ride on mower, but it is still not going yet, something related to the transmission system
  • B1 broke her arm after being bucked off Tassie, what a heart ache that was
  • G continues to suffer his chronic illness daily, but is getting good support from M and also the local Doctor
  • B1 went on camp and had a great time
  • A went on work experience in Perth and had an interesting time
  • The new Weather station was eaten by the horses so had to be replaced with a new one, which is now on a long pole
  • M has been preparing her Art Studio, still more to do but it is taking shape
  • A new computer for M to manage the Terra-bytes of photos
  • Our dogs continue to enjoy the property lifestyle
  • New Chickens and propsed new Chicken Farm
  • A new Worm Farm in the process of being built
  • Rain has been poor, but the main house tank is full, we just need more rain in the stock tank
  • A leak was found from the stock tank, now we know why the water in that tank seemed to be being used too quickly
  • and so much more….

Keep an eye out for more individual posts on many of the subjects above with more detail and also some others.

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