Spring at Eagleburra

It has been a really dry winter so far this year, we are still far short of our average rainfall for the year, but at least the paddocks are green and we are getting some good growth at the moment. The Three Red Ponies studio is starting to look good ...

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Happy New Year 2023!

Not going to lie, the last 18 months have been really, really hard. Well I guess past couple of years have been really hard for everyone. For our family, I wish for a year of recovery, with no more loss of loved ones. For your family I wish for everything ...

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Gorgeous winter mornings

Its so nice to see the paddocks turning green again. Its been really cold and we havn't had much rain so far this winter but there is plenty of time yet 🙂

Storm Damage

As much as we love the jarrah and Marri trees on the property when we get big storms and high winds, we always end up with trees down, and it is usually one of our favourites like this one in the house paddock over near the cottage 🙁 It made ...

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Oct 2012 - Everyone loves spring on the farm

The pasture has grown in really nicely with a bit more rain than past years, the horses and cows are all shiny and fat, Bangers is growing like a weed and Holly continues to provide us with beautiful fresh milk every day.

Going green on the farm

May 2012 | Finally Going Green

It seems to have been a long haul of dust and red dirt this summer, but we have finally had some rain over the last 10 days and the pasture is germinating everywhere.  Because it has not been too cold and we have also had some days of sun, the ...

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April 2012 | Some rain would be nice....

While much of Australia over the Summer and early Autumn periods have been getting quite a bit, or even excessive rain, much of the South West of Western Australia has been getting very little.  Our own location here at Eagleburra has only had 29.1mm with the biggest fall on a ...

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Smoke From Nannup Fires

February 2012 | Ponies, kittens and bushfires

I've been looking through my photos for some that show how the paddocks are doing - definitely been eaten down in the past month so it will be time to start feeding hay in the near future. These photos show the thick smoke that has blanketed us for several days ...

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Blackwood flooding in December

Fairly heavy rains upriver from us in the Blackwood Valley catchment area caused the Blackwood River to flood this year.  Although we did not get any rain here, both ends of our road were closed for a few days - something that we honestly did not expect to see again ...

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Milking Cows and Cookies

I have been hand milking Charlotte for the past ten days and we have been doing OK for a pair of hand milking newbies.  Actually the milking is the easy part - its a) getting her into the yard and then b) getting her into the crush that is the ...

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