M on September 17th, 2010

Part of the process of increasing our self sufficiency is growing our own fruit and vegetables, and part of that is having a compost bin.  We do things ‘big’ in the country, so this is the one I have made using star pickets, plastic half pallets and cable ties.  The idea behind the plastic pallets […]

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G on September 10th, 2010

Wow it has been a while since we have made any posts, seems it must be time to make a few updates. So what have we been doing? We have had our Dorper sheep give birth to 7 lambs in April and May, more info and photos soon. We sold our Dorper Sheep ready for […]

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Serenade with satirical whistle

Older men with diabetes mellitus, but also severely overweight men, may develop secondary hypogonadism. "The core symptom of low testosterone levels is usually decreased libido," Dr. Cornelia Jaursch-Hancke from the German Clinic for Diagnostics, Sydney, at the conference in Melbourne. Various additional symptoms such as osteoporosis, anemia, erectile dysfunction, decreasing muscle strength and mass, but also diminishing vitality and depression can be added. In secondary hypogonadism the function of the hypothalamus or pituitary is impaired so that the Leydig cells of the testicle no longer form testosterone or no testosterone due to lack of stimulation. Typically, the gonadotropins LH and FSH in the serum are still normal to low. This also applies to patients with type 2 diabetes, of which about 25 to 50 percent are affected, the endocrinologist reported. An increasing problem is also MOSH, the "male obesity associated secondary hypogonadism". As a cause, she described the visceral fetal cells, which are highly active endocrinically and produce mediators, which promote, inter alia, insulin resistance, inflammatory processes and dyslipidemia and stimulate estradiol production. In sum, the hypothalamic-pituitary axis is inhibited. Continue reading...

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