The drought continues

The summer of 2023/24 is officially the driest, longest summer we have experienced since moving to the farm. After a brief downpour in February giving us a much needed 10mm in the gauge, the extended heat has meant all the livestock are consuming far more water than they would normally …

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The driest summer we’ve ever had

This is turning out to be the longest, hottest, driest summer we have had since moving to Eagleburra in 2009. We havn’t had a drop of rain since the end of October, and after a well below average winter rainfall, everything is dried up and turning to dust. We’ve already …

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Miss B riding Flame bareback

Really need some rain

It’s that time of year again when the water tanks are getting desperately low, dust covers everything inside the house and out, we’ve clamped down on water usage again (and hanging for long hot showers) and everyone keeps watching the forecast for the first sign of season break. In the …

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April 2012 | Some rain would be nice….

While much of Australia over the Summer and early Autumn periods have been getting quite a bit, or even excessive rain, much of the South West of Western Australia has been getting very little.  Our own location here at Eagleburra has only had 29.1mm with the biggest fall on a …

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Getting Desperate for rain

We really have had enough of the summer heat and once again are getting desperate for rain. Everything is dry, dusty and bare at the moment.

Zeke and Bitey playing in the winter dam

Puppies in the creek pond

The pond water is starting to get a bit smelly but it certainly doesn’t stop the dogs and pups from thoroughly enjoying swimming in it. The baths when they get back to the house…not so much!