The finished butter. Homemade right from feeding and hand milking the cow to making the finished product

Recipe: Cultured Butter

Thanks to all the glorious cream that Josie is giving us on her milk, I thought it would be a great idea to have a go at making butter.  As I don't have any cheese cultures at the moment, making cultured butter to get cultured buttermilk seemed like a good ...

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Cowsitting and a Jersey of my own

I am babysitting my friends Jersey house cow for a week while she is interstate.  She is a lovely old girl (Josie the cow, not my friend;) with a dropped rumen, a broken tail, a blind quarter, an uneven udder, a dicky hip that makes her shuffle when she walks ...

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Ryley with chook foot

Success and not so much Success with Meat Chicks

Even though I knew that is what they were bred to do, the meat chicks grew at an amazing rate that was only eclipsed by the amount of food they consumed and the amount of very stinky poop they created!  I definitely would not get more than 12 in the ...

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Charlotte Dexter Cow

January 2012 - Giving up the House Cow

For the time being at least.  I have persevered for over four months training Charlotte the dexter to be a house cow, but it's finally time to give it in and concede that she is just not cut out to be a house cow.  I have learnt so much from ...

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Waste Not Want Not

We processed our first lot of chickens today, including the meat chickens and the large Australorp rooster. I spent a lot of time watching youtube videos to figure out how to pluck and clean them, luckily I was able to hand the dispatching duties off to G, not sure I ...

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November Vegie Harvest

Success in the garden!  It has been a strange season so far, but none the less I have been able to harvest a bit from the garden - kale, beetroot, potatoes, lettuce snow peas, sugar snap peas and a few strawberries!

Spring Vegetable Garden

All my hard work in the garden over the last few months is certainly paying off now - everything is growing well and I am starting to harvest some lettuce, snow peas, sugar snap peas, kale, silverbeet, potatoes and beetroot.  The first lot of tomatoes are in and growing well ...

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The Meat Chick Experiment

We have raised several batches of chicks now, but so far have not got one to the table, mostly because by the time they got to table age they have either been hens (therefore kept for eggs) or bantam roosters (not worth plucking!). Although we do currently have a grow out pen ...

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Vegie Garden Update

The growcover is doing a reasonable job of protecting the vegies, although there are a few holes being munched in the cauli's and brocolli's and the two carrots that survived the chook attack, are no longer.  The bitter disgusting kale is growing prolifically, lucky the chooks like it as none ...

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June 2011 - Expanding the Vegetable Garden

If we want to have any chance of providing all the vegetables for our family, expanding the vegetable garden is essential.  I also found that the original bed that we made last year was too wide for me to access comfortably, so we pulled that down to make it narrower.  ...

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