Spring at Eagleburra

It has been a really dry winter so far this year, we are still far short of our average rainfall for the year, but at least the paddocks are green and we are getting some good growth at the moment. The Three Red Ponies studio is starting to look good ...

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A sheepdog and his sheep

I continue to be amazed at the instinct that Indi shows for working sheep. He has now progressed to the point where I can send him down the paddock to gather the girls and bring them back up the hill to the cattle yard. This is actually no mean feat ...

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A big change with a new toy

As much as I have loved my Canon 5DIV camera, it was well and truly time for an upgrade. I am definitely not an early adopter of new technology so going mirrorless has not really been on my radar until now, but it didn't make sense to spend the $ ...

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Happy New Year 2023!

Not going to lie, the last 18 months have been really, really hard. Well I guess past couple of years have been really hard for everyone. For our family, I wish for a year of recovery, with no more loss of loved ones. For your family I wish for everything ...

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The babysitter

Mia has proven herself such a valuable little pony, she is the best babysitter for whoever needs company. Their paddock is eaten down now for summer fire protection so its going to be interesting to see how their friendship changes when they go out in the top paddock with the ...

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Swimming in the creek

We took the dogs down to the creek paddock to check on the cows today, Zeke and Bolt never ceases to amaze me with the way they launch themselves off the bank into the water. Ryley and Freckles still have more fun chasing the others and Ryley really prefers to ...

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Canine Chasey

Our border collies are so smart, its really entertaining to watch them play. They have their own 'rules' of their game of chasey that everyone must follow otherwise Zeke in particular becomes the border collie police 🙂 I love that while the dogs are zooming around like crazy, the ponies ...

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Misty mornings and a Shadow

Its getting quite chilly in the mornings now, with the first mist rolling in this morning. It never ceases to amaze me how the pasture growth, and even rainfall for that matter, varies from one part of the property to another as you can see in the photos behind the ...

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Ryley border collie

Freckles and Ryley

Freckles and Ryley are growing up so fast, not quite fully grown yet, but they have almost lost their puppy look.  They have definitely hit that teenage boy stage but show flashes of the brilliant dogs they are growing into.  Freckles is the softer of the two, whereas Ryley is ...

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Christmas Day in the country

Merry Christmas!  What better way to spend Christmas day in the country but with family and our furry friends?