Lamb Update

The lambs who are all growing big and strong. Thankfully we havn't lost any to foxes as the dorpers are very protective of their babies. We are keeping them in the top paddock for the time being and still hand feeding them as the pasture hasn't grown enough to sustain ...

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Baby Baa and his broken leg

Well I didn't think it would be possible, but baby Baa not only survived, but he is thriving. Because it was so cold we are bringing him inside at night and putting him back with the others during the day. His mum is looking after him really well and apart ...

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Our First Dorper lamb

Woke up this morning to find our first little snowflake in the paddock, our first Dorper baby. Only problem is he has a broken front leg. Initially he was up and following his mum, but with very little weight bearing on that leg. Mum was hesitant to let him feed and ...

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Lambs any day?

We are checking the sheep regularly because some of our ladies look like they are about to drop any day. I have our 'lambing kit' ready to go but hope they all deliver safely and we don't have to intervene.