While much of Australia over the Summer and early Autumn periods have been getting quite a bit, or even excessive rain, much of the South West of Western Australia has been getting very little.  Our own location here at Eagleburra has only had 29.1mm with the biggest fall on a single day being 4.6mm.  The rain that has fallen has been sporadic at best with most of the water being evaporated and very little getting to our water tanks.

Our paddocks are dusty, the roads are dusty, the air is dusty, we have really had enough of the dust and would like to get some rain.

We have our lowest levels of water in our Water Tanks since living here, with our stock tank at only 15cm, with only 8cm usable and our main house drinking etc tank is now down to 70cms.  The capacity of each tank is around 100,000 litres and both were full at the end of Winter, though I think we have a leak in our Stock tank liner which I need to go and climb into and check (yuck).  So as for what is available litre wise in our tanks I estimate it to be 4500 litres in the stock tank and around 32,000 in the House tank.  While that seems like a lot have a think about your daily water use, from toilet, washing, drinking, showering, cooking and so on… you only need to look at what the Water Corporation says is used by each person in a household to know that it is not much at all.

A couple of telling graphs of our water tanks at Eagleburra as of today.

Eagleburra Stock Tank Level 27-04-2012

Eagleburra Stock Tank Level 27-04-2012

Eagleburra House Tank Level 27-04-2012

Eagleburra House Tank Level 27-04-2012

We were, and still are hopefull of some rain today as our local radar shows rain is there, however looking outside we see no rain…

Rain Radar as at 11:40 AM 27-04-2012

Rain Radar as at 11:40 AM 27-04-2012

So something is wrong, the radar shows light rain but where is it?

If you know of a rain dance then start dancing, we could use the rain.  Hopefully we will not have to tank water in, it is not that cheap… are you dancing yet?

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One Response to “April 2012 | Some rain would be nice….”

  1. G says:

    Well in the last 24 hours it looks like Perth and the metro areas have had between 30 and 55mm of rain, we have had a whole 1.2mm. Be nice to have got some of that rain here 🙁

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