I’m actually having to trawl back through old photos to record the progress of the vegie garden.

This was the garden area before we moved in back in 2009.

Almost a blank canvas

September 2010, with the chook pen fenced and gated and the first raised garden bed put in and growing a green manure crop of barley.  The bed was lined with cardboard to help keep the weeds down, the soil was built up using topsoil from the paddock, barley straw, lucerne chaff (hay would normally be used but not available at the time) and dozens of wheelbarrows full of horse poo.

Slow Progress

Hooped and ready for the GrowCover

Drip line irrigation installed and lone coriander plant growing

Fence up around the vegie garden area and the orchard

Feb 2011 - two tomato plants growing like weeds

June 2011 - Building more vegie beds

The plan is to have two more beds in before Spring, and another larger area south of the chook pen prepared to be used for a corn patch as well as for some potatoes, watermelons and eventually a small extension to the orchard.

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