We have two white Silkie cockerels and one grey (or maybe splash?) Silkie POL pullet.  I had planned to breed them as they are a very cute breed, and the girls make excellent adoptive mothers, so I could do with a few more of them.  The only thing is that they have black flesh and bones which makes excess roosters unsuitable/unappealing to eat.  And the reality with chickens is that you do not need an excess of roosters running around – there are not that many long term homes for roosters which means that at some point you do need to bite the bullet and learn to process them for the table.  We havn’t done this yet (but are planning to), unfortunately I don’t think any of us could eat black meat (shudder!)

Come spring I think I will let the young pullet (who would have been laying for 4-5 months)  have one sitting and see what we end up with.


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