We ended up with 11 chicks hatched from the first lot and seven from the second lot and they are all now happily growing up in a re-furbished broody box.  From the second lot, none of the purchased Auracana eggs hatched, only one partially developed which was disappointing.  All of the others were from our chickens and a large percentage are frizzles (only one from the first lot has frizzle feathers coming through).

Although I did get advice from several others using the same Janoel hexagon incubator that it was possible to run consecutive hatches, but I decided that having a second incubator as a back-up was a better idea, so have purchased a second one.  And because our hens are a bit strange and have been laying really well all month (including the ones in the Indian Game pen), I have both incubators running with eggs.  I do expect fertility to be down a bit due to the time of year, but have my fingers crossed that  some of the very round eggs are from the first year bantam Indian Game pullets so that I can get my numbers up for them.

I am hoping to be able to obtain a Gold Laced Wyandotte Rooster and at least one more hen before spring, and an unrelated Rhode Island Red rooster (or pair) would be beneficial to add to the RRI pen as well.

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