The chickens have settled in really well since the move, but havn’t started laying again and we are all missing fresh free range eggs.  I really didn’t want to go down the baby chicken route again (seeing as our success ratio of pullets to roosters is far less than 50%!) but getting point of lay pullets is not so easy in the country (hard to believe I know!).  Well I am sure it is, but they are not advertised as much so harder to get!  I came across an ad for Isa Browns (ex-battery hens) from Albany being delivered to local towns including Boyup, so decided to get a few…well maybe six.  But when the truck rolled up with them packed into the cages, I couldn’t help it and took ten (thats all I could fit in the crate).

Poor girls look rather be-dragled without all their feathers and are rather bewildered at the open space around them, but are settling in well and starting to venture out of the chook tractor to explore the big wild world, and a couple have started laying so we have fresh eggs again:)   Hopefully a few weeks of good food and fresh air will have them looking like real chickens rather than moth eaten feather dusters!

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