Meridian Sundial – “Flicka”, 1990, 15.1h brown mare

Sire: The Sunbird Hanover USA

Dam: Sweep Hand

Prizemoney: $16,550

Starts: 99 Wins: 6 Seconds: 6 Thirds: 9 Best Winning Mile Rate: 2:03.1MS

Last raced: 24-Mar-1999 HARVEY

Like many retired race horses, Flicka’s story is a sad one. We are her sixth home in the past three years, and she suffered neglect and abuse in at least two of those homes, being starved and not receiving proper veterinary care for infection after suffering a premature birth of her stillborn foal. When her last owner lost her job last year, Flicka’s future was looking pretty grim – not many people are willing to take on an 18yo standardbred mare that cannot be bred from and required an experienced rider. Lucky for me no-one else wanted her and after way too many years without horses in my life, I could ride again.

I took things very slowly with her, did a lot of groundwork and gained her trust slowly but surely before I attempted to ride her. After so many years out of the saddle I did expect to walk and trot for a few months, but once in the saddle, the years melted away and it was like I had never had a break in horseriding. LOL just like riding a bike I guess, and I felt more than confident to try a nice little canter. Time constraints have prevented me riding her as frequently as I had planned, but Flicka has progressed well – after trying every evasion technique known to horse including the odd buck, bolt, rear, shy, shoulder drops, run under trees etc I think she realised that kind of behaviour was not necessary and has become a lovely trail horse:) Flicka is lead mare in our herd and makes sure that the others know their place – and keep it – at all times!

Flicka’s willingness to overcome her past mis-treatment by humans is a testament to the beautiful nature of the standardbred horse. She was the frst of hopefully many standardbred horses that I will be able to help to provide a new life for.





Not bad for an old girl

Not bad for an old girl

Enjoying her new home

Enjoying semi-retirement in her new home

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